SDS Three Edges Tip Plus Drill Bit

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A Special Direct System (SDS) bit can be used in conjunction with impact drills to drill through tough materials that other bits cannot, such as reinforced concrete, if it is used in conjunction with an impact drill. It is important to understand that the drill is held in the drill chuck by the Special Direct System (SDS). Using the SDS system, it is very easy to insert the bit into the drill chuck, resulting in a stronger connection that makes it less likely to slip or wobble in the chuck. When using an SDS hammer drill on reinforced concrete, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear appropriate safety equipment (e.g. goggles, gloves).

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Body Material 40Cr
Tip Material YG8C
Tips Three edges tip
Shank SDS plus
Surface Sand blasting
Usage Drilling on granite, concrete, stone, masonry, walls, tiles, marble
Customized OEM, ODM
Package PVC pouch, Hanger packing, Round plastic tube
MOQ 500pcs/size
Sds three edges tip
three edges tip
Dia                            Ovrall length Dia                                   Ovrall length
5mm 110 14mm 310
5mm 160 14mm 350
6mm 110 14mm 450
6mm 160 14mm 600
6mm 210 16mm 160
6mm 260 16mm 210
6mm 310 16mm 260
8mm 110 16mm 310
8mm 160 16mm 350
8mm 210  16mm 450
8mm 260 16mm 600
8mm 310 18mm 210
8mm 350 18mm 260
8mm 460 18mm 350
10mm 110 18mm 450
10mm 160 18mm 600
10mm 210 20mm 210
10mm 260 20mm 250
10mm 310 20mm 350
10mm 350 20mm 450
10mm 450 20mm 600
10mm 600 22mm 210
12mm 160 22mm 250
12mm 210 22mm 350
12mm 260 22mm 450
12mm 310 22mm 600
12mm 350 25mm 210
12mm 450   25mm 250
12mm 600 25mm 350
14mm 160 25mm 450
14mm 210 25mm 600
14mm  260

All SDS plus rotary hammers are compatible with the SDS plus universal shank. To prevent the bit from jamming or jamming when striking rebar or other reinforcement, the SDS Hammer Bit is designed with a three edges self-centering carbide tip with a slotted design to prevent jamming or jamming. The drill is durable enough to withstand the wear and impact of concrete and rebar, ensuring a long service life and fast cutting speeds.

Eurocut SDS drill bits are designed with U-shaped grooves for easy material removal from holes. The grooves prevent debris from entering the hole during drilling, preventing the bit from clogging or overheating. In addition, the triple design allows efficient drilling of reinforced concrete while minimizing downtime. It can drill concrete and rebar simultaneously, allowing you to drill holes at the same time. Slotted drills feature sharp and strong carbide bits that are ideal for drilling in concrete and steel at the same time.

In addition to drilling hard rock such as masonry, concrete, brick, cinder block, cement, and more, our SDS MAX rotary hammer bits are compatible with Bosch, DEWALT, Hitachi, Hilti, Makita, and Milwaukee. In addition to choosing the correct type of drill for the job at hand, you should also make sure you are using the correct drill size, as the wrong drill can directly damage the drill.

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