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Our asphalt saw blades use high-speed steel and advanced manufacturing processes to deliver extremely high cutting efficiency, allowing construction projects to move forward quickly. Because of the precise geometry and dimensions of our asphalt saw blades, we can make precise cuts during processing, reducing waste and rework. Our asphalt saw blades are made of highly wear-resistant materials for a long service life, reducing blade replacement costs. The teardrop opening prevents premature blade loss when cutting reinforced concrete. High-quality diamond tips for cutting asphalt, fresh concrete (poured within 72 hours), masonry and similar abrasives. Unique segment/keyway design allows for better air cooling and chip deflection.

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Our asphalt saw blades are protected against damage during the cutting process with undercut guards. The deep drawn section of the saw blade extends the life of the core blade and keeps it from getting damaged as a result of the cutting process. In addition to preventing undercutting when cutting loose or abrasive materials, the wedge-shaped core of the Eurocut blade ensures longer blade life when cutting loose or abrasive materials. When working with loose and abrasive materials, the cost per cut is reduced, the hands are protected, and undercuts are prevented as a result.

It is very easy to cut asphalt if you use our asphalt saw blades, which can be used with handheld saws as well as low-power push saws, in order to accomplish the job easily. In order to ensure an even cut through the asphalt aggregate with our new generation asphalt push saw blades, we have specially designed them for use with your push saw. Various kinds of asphalt saw blades are available in various shapes and sizes, all of which are designed to be used with a wide range of abrasive materials, including fresh concrete, block material, or sandstone.

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